How Do You Heal?


Start glowing from the inside, out. Whatever type of health challenge you are facing, Dr. Shah is here to help you heal. She will listen to you intently. Using both Western conventional medical science & Eastern healing methods, you will create a personalized, sustainable, and achievable treatment plan together that will lead to a healthier, better, more radiant you.


Healing better.


integrative medicine

Intelligent, comprehensive, holistic integrative medicine consultation and follow-up care, combining Western allopathic medical science with Eastern healing modalities to heal all of you -- body, mind, and spirit -- so you can feel better and stay better.

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medical acupuncture

Treatments evoking the inherent healing capabilities of the body and mind to achieve pain relief, healing of chronic illness, balance, and wellness through a Western evidence-based approach to Japanese palpation-based acupuncture, dry needle myofascial release, lidocaine-infused trigger point injections, & steroid joint injections.


mind-body medicine

Healing therapies based in contemplative psychology, meditation, and yoga, backed by neuroscientific evidence, geared toward alleviating mental health problems, pain, and stress-related issues. 



plant medicine

Medicine harnessing the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of nature through herbs, botanicals, and plant-centric food prescriptions for the treatment of chronic diseases, pain, and other autoimmune/inflammation-based disorders.