As I shared recently shared in my Instagram stories this past week, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for 21 days (a challenge to myself). The 21 days are up and I’ll be continuing this nightly ritual. 


  1. I knew intellectually that opening my mind to seeing the abundance in my life would help to lessen the “scarcity mindset,” which I am certain many of us possess. However, actually regularly doing this practice myself, I now know a true shift in my perspective is occurring. There’s a softening that I feel - in my mind, in my body, and in my spirit.

  2. It’s made me a happier person. Yes - not kidding - 21 days and I’m seeing things with less bitterness, and fear, and concern. This is NOT to say what’s happening right now on the planet (#climatecrisis) and the injustices and atrocities occurring in our country aren’t on the forefront of my mind. I can both be happy - my “spirit well” can be full so to speak - and fiercely work on what matters. I think it’s actually making me fiercer and have more clarity to act.

    3. It’s bred a whole new practice of following and logging my “generosities” each day. I’m tipping more robustly, giving money to the strangers who seem to need it, and overall finding ways to give more generously.


Do note this is not a bunch of fluff either. Science has shown gratitude rewires your brain in a positive way through neuroplasticity. For example, research has shown gratitude stimulates the hypothalamus (a key part of the brain that regulates stress) and the ventral tegmental area (part of our “reward circuitry”). It also can help to rebalance your limbic system. 

What are some other ways to cultivate gratitude other than keeping a gratitude journal? Write (and send if you can!) a thank you note; count your blessings; mentally thank someone who did something nice for you; meditate.

Tell me, how do you practice gratitude? And generosity? How do you feel it affects you as a human and on a larger scale? Would absolutely love to hear your thoughts!! 💚