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the path of healing better

The healing process in Dr. Shah's office starts with her listening intently to you, followed by discussion, examination, treatment, and co-creation of a take home plan to get your health just right.


which type of visit do I need?

  • Integrative Medicine New Patient Visit - best starting point if you need to address your medical concerns in a comprehensive and holistic way. It's also the place to start if you would like to take a look at the big picture of your health to optimize it. We will explore: what you've already tried, nutrition, sleep, stress, mental health, movement, Rx/herbs/botanicals/supplements/vitamins, labs, diagnostic testing, and more.


  • Medical Acupuncture New Patient Visit - best starting point if you'd like to address your medical issues, pain, stress, and wellness with a hands-on treatment approach and limited discussion.


Read below for additional details.


✦ new patient (90 minutes)

✦ follow-up (30 - 90 minutes)



The goal of these visits is to co-create a self-sustainable integrative medicine healing plan for you, incorporating Western medicine and holistic health treatments, so that you heal better, feel radiant and stay healthy.


You and Dr. Shah will sit comfortably together and discuss all of the issues bothering you, your medical history, and the human story behind your symptoms.

During this portion of the comprehensive evaluation, components of your personalized plan toward healing will start to take shape.

integrative examination + treatment

Dr. Shah will first perform a conventional Western medicine physical exam. 

Dr. Shah will then perform a holistic health physical examination and a medical acupuncture treatment session to set the healing path in motion. 

healing plan

You and Dr. Shah will finalize and discuss each element of your healing plan.

This may include any combination of the following treatments or further evaluation:

  • A prescription of herbs, botanicals, supplements or standard Rx

  • Labs, other diagnostic studies (both new orders and/or a plan to review labs/studies ordered by previous medical providers)

  • Nutrition (food as medicine) plan

  • Ongoing medical acupuncture plan

  • Stress, sleep, or mental health management plan

  • Mind-body practice plan &/or physical movement plan

  • Joint corticosteroid injections or trigger point injections for pain

  • Additional informational references or reading

  • Referral to specialists or adjunctive healing services.

self-sustainable practice

Dr. Shah will provide you with a written copy of your plan with detailed instructions to take home with you.

If laboratory or diagnostic testing is indicated based on the findings from the visit, a prescription and instructions will be provided for these tests.

Dr. Shah also carefully reviews your completed intake form after your visit and may modify your plan accordingly.


✦ new patient (75 minutes)

✦ follow-up (60 minutes)


These treatment sessions include medical and holistic physical examination and the medical acupuncture treatment. The first visit is 75 minutes and includes an intake and discussion, subsequent visits are 60 minutes.

These sessions may include auricular acupuncture (which you take home with you), dry needle myofascial (muscle/fascia) release, manual osteopathic fascial releases, Yamamoto scalp acupuncture, and lidocaine-infused trigger point injections when indicated.

Dr. Shah is also skilled in scar treatments and cosmetic facial rejuvenation, using microneedling and gua-sha.

single treatment

Drop-in, single sessions are great for acute issues such as a recent muscle spasm in your back or “crick” in your neck as well as wellness/stress management tune-ups.


Packages are suggested for treating chronic issues over multiple sessions. Packages are optimal for scar and cosmetic facial rejuvenation treatments.

Most of Dr. Shah's patients experience significant improvement with their chronic issues and/or pain within 6 to 10 weekly sessions.

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please never hesitate to ask Dr. Shah a question about what to expect or to tell her about what you need.


her only job is to help YOU heal.



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